BNG Blaster Routing Protocol Update

Christian Giese

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The BNG Blaster ( is an open-source network tester that has evolved significantly since my last presentation at DENOG13 two years ago. Beyond its initial capabilities with various access protocols, it has been enhanced to support all major routing protocols, including BGP, ISIS, OSPF, and LDP.

In this presentation I will delve into the BNG Blaster routing protocol implementation, exploring their functionalities, and potential applications. Moreover, I will provide insights into the versatile usage of the BNG Blaster from different perspectives, including vendors like us here at RtBrick, open-source routing applications, network integrators, and operators.

The BNG Blaster operates under the BSD license as an open-source project sponsored by RtBrick, emphasizing a strong commitment to the community. Contributions from the community and other networking equipment vendors are highly encouraged.

This project has a clear mission: to fortify networks by making essential tools available to all.