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Playlist "DENOG15"


Claudia Uhlich and Sebastian Becker

Time is a common good, yet hardly any thought is given to its handling or its synchronisation in particular.
Time synchronisation is used in various areas: from own networks to trading transactions in the financial sector. Depending on the type of application, it requires high accuracy.
Today's solutions are mostly based on satellites (e.g. GNSS, GPS) and therefore exposed to various risks, including hacker attacks or technical problems. Synchronisation information can be provided in various ways and different standards though.
New application areas such as 5G and edge cloud evolution are creating additional drivers and requirements for highly accurate time.
Based on the company's history, Deutsche Telekom has its own synchronisation network, which can be operated independently of GNSS systems. We would like to give a brief insight into the history of time synchronisation and its use cases.