Building the 400G Internet Trends, Technologies, and the Road to 800G+

Andreas Bechtolsheim

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In this talk, Andreas (Andy) Bechtolsheim will share his vision for how the 400G and 800G transitions will manifest first in the DC and short haul interconnect build-outs, and then extend to 100-1000km and beyond, all based on next generation digital coherent optical technology.

Advances in DSP and modulation technology make it possible to include 400G, and soon, 800G coherent optical transponders in standard OSFP and QSFP-DD packages that are capable of greater than 1000km transmission over commercially available fiber.

This technology makes it possible to build the next phase of intermediate and long haul Internet backbones with low cost, interoperable, generally available optics that leverage the same technology as short reach optics used in data centers, thus minimizing cost by leveraging economies of scale.