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Playlist "challenges running a large scale public wifi network"

challenges running a large scale public wifi network

Nils Dohse

ADDIX is running one of the biggest public wifi networks in northern germany with allows users a connect once, use anywhere approch with seamless roaming between all kind of accesspoints. this incorperated a hughe pile of technical difficulties

running a public wifi network that incorperates own infrastructure at fixed locations, in public transportation and also integrating customer owned wifi equippement can be intresting.

in my talks i like share some experiences from technical, operational and organisation challenges we encountered in the last 3 years of operations.

technical part will cover some wifi basics and network design challenges.
the operational part will focus on support and maintance of the network.
the organisational part will include contractional challenges with customers and stake holders and the search for the holy grail of monetizing a wifi network.