Efficient DevSecOps Pipelines in a Cloud Native World

Michael Friedrich

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Continuous integration and delivery/deployment help speed up development and review workflows. Developers can focus on code and rely on the application reliably tested in different (cloud-native) environments. At some point, an error occurs and things are stuck. Broken pipelines, resource-hungry jobs, security leaks, and broken dependencies make production deployments impossible.

This talk takes you from the first steps of a working but inefficient pipeline into the first uncovering ideas, and root cause analysis on possible performance and resource issues. It is a learning journey from 10 years as a developer who learned the benefits of automated CI and later CD pipelines and made all mistakes on the way. Follow Ops ideas on Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, CI/CD Observability, and enhanced security with Vault. Get better insights for the team - define actions, create better documentation, and ensure that knowledge is shared with everyone. Cloud-native workloads may need auto-scaling and more architectural changes. All these tips and tricks encourage async practice to help ensure that your pipelines run efficiently and less cost-intense.