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Stop #DataRetention: Exposing a New Generation of Data Retention Laws

Patrick Breyer, Jesper Lund, Bastien Le Querrec, Jan Vobořil and Eduardo Santos

In this panel, five experts from NGOs and MEP Patrick Breyer (Greens/EFA, Pirates) will present the current situation with the data retention of citizen’s personal location and connection data in the EU, focusing on Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal, the Czech Republic and the European Commission.

A new generation of data retention laws threatens the fundamental rights of citizens in the European Union. While the EU Court of Justice allows blanket data retention only in specific and limited exceptions, these laws by their very nature aim to collect communications data from virtually the entire population, breaking the bounds of the EU Court's rulings. This new generation actually wants to turn the exception of mass surveillance into the standard. The panel shows for example what the concept of "targeted" data retention really means and how dangerous the systematic storage of IP addresses is. The speakers call on the European Commission and the governments of the EU countries to stop the concept of mass surveillance throughout the EU and to respect the Court’s rulings as the absolute limits for exceptional cases only.

Join the debate on data retention: #DataRetention | #Vorratsdatenspeicherung | #Bewaarplicht  | Conservation des données | #MassSurveillance | #QuickFreeze

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