Making CCCamp in a video game mod!

Stef Keegan

Playlists: 'camp2023' videos starting here / audio

Want to learn why we started making a to-scale version of CCCamp in a video game and what is possible going forward?

At Camp2019 some ingenuitive hackers from Milliways and a handful of other villages took the modding tools of OFF GRID and set about building a replica 2019 CCCamp complete with Milliways rocket and big dome! 4 years later CCCamp is back and we thinks it's about time to dust off the mod and get even more villages into the project! This talk will go over the history of the game's development, what is possible with the mod tools we've built, and what our plans are for the future. On Friday we will be running two workshop sessions where we can run you through the process and give you everything you need to get modding with us, either live at camp, or at home later.