So you're interested in social engineering?

The very first steps

Kirils Solovjovs

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It is well known that humans are the weakest link in information security.
Social engineering has emerged as a means to influence and manipulate individuals to achieve desired outcomes. In this presentation, we delve into the realm of social engineering, exploring the art of behavior alteration, manipulation and persuasive communication.

We will provide a general introduction to social engineering and guide the audience in the very first steps to actually start training this skill in a safe and responsible manner that will allow you to get a taste of social engineering by slightly altering your behaviour and still staying (mostly) legal

We will cover the following topics:
- Introduction to social engineering
- Using OSINT to collect initial information
- Creating pretext
- Fundamental principles of human behavior and decision-making
- Leveraging social normativity in persuasive interactions
- Building rapport and trust
- Exploiting trust
- Practical exercises in everyday life