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Sharing the power of appreciation


In the realm of Free Software, expressing gratitude towards Free Software contributors often goes unnoticed. The "I Love Free Software Day" ( provides a platform for individuals and organisations to do exactly this, showing appreciation. But it is crucial to recognize that our appreciation for Free Software should extend far beyond this single day. This talk highlights the significance of the "I Love Free Software Day" as a platform for expressing support, love, and gratitude towards the developers and contributors who make Free Software possible.

Throughout the presentation, we will showcase memorable moments and successful initiatives from past celebrations, demonstrating the collective efforts to acknowledge and honor the impact of Free Software. We will discuss ideas and strategies for making the upcoming "I Love Free Software Day" even more remarkable.

However, it is essential to emphasize that our expressions of love and support for Free Software should not be limited to just one day. While the "I Love Free Software Day" serves as a catalyst for celebration, it should inspire us to continue demonstrating our gratitude throughout the year. We will explore ways to incorporate ongoing appreciation into our daily lives, such as contributing to Free Software projects, advocating for their importance, and recognizing the efforts of developers and contributors regularly also in a financial way.

By extending our appreciation beyond a single day, we can cultivate a culture of continuous support for Free Software. We invite everyone interested in Free Software to join us in this endeavor, as we strive to create an environment where gratitude and acknowledgment become integral parts of our interactions within the Free Software community.

Let us embrace the "I Love Free Software Day" ( as a starting point, a reminder of the significance of Free Software, and a call to action to express our love and support throughout the year. Together, we can build a community that values and appreciates the tireless efforts of Free Software developers and contributors, making a lasting impact on the future of software freedom.