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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

National Forest Inventory (NFI) in the Czech Republic presented in Graphs and Maps

Vendula Hejlová

National Forest Inventory is an independent survey on the state and development of forests. It is based on mathematical–statistical models. The inventory is now divided into three cycles, the first cycle was realized in 2001–2004, the second one was implemented in 2011–2015 and the third one has been carried out in 2016–2020 [1].
The second part of National Forest Inventory (NFI2) results have been processed and divided into thematic chapters including Forest Area, Growth, Mortality, Tree Species Representation, Age Structure, Forest Regeneration, Dead Trees, Game Damage, etc.
I would like to aim my talk to the visualisation of the results in the form of graphs and maps. The basis for the graphical results are statistically processed data. The data are stored in a PosgreSQL database in the form of views. The views have the same structure including estimation, maximal, minimal value, standard deviation and ratio for the selected thematic chapter. The graph properties are created by the functions using R Project linked to a set of functions in PosgreSQL that make the graph in the form of raster or vector image. The set of functions in a database prepare data for maps. The data are visualized using suggested templated in QGIS.