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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

Publication of Inspire Datasets as Linked Data

Enrique Soriano and Rodríguez Pascual Antonio Federico

In order to increase interoperability and facilitate the reusing of geospatial data, it is proposed a methodology of publishing INSPIRE-compliant datasets as Linked Data, using the RDF format and various ontologies such as the ones derived from the ARE3NA for the Annex I themes, or GeoSPARQL from the OGC. This methodology would cover the whole process of generating the RDF triples from GML sources, setting up a triple-store to persist the information, and issuing SPARQL queries to the exposed endpoint. A working example would be presented using the Spanish CNIG endpoint, where several datasets from the Annex I are hosted. Then a series of queries joining external information from other endpoint, like DBPedia or GeoNames, would be used as a mean to demonstrate the interoperable capabilities and the potential applications to enrich spatial data, extract meaningful insights from it and use it to support information systems.