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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

Social Dynamics in Urban Context (SoDUCo) : Open tools, models, and data – Paris and its suburbs, 1789-1950

Bertrand Duménieu and Pierre-André Le Ny

The SoDUCo is a research project proposes to develop methods and models to study the evolution of the urban spatial structure in relation with social and professional practices. It allows the qualification of geo-historical sources (maps, directories, etc.), the semi-automatic extraction of the information and their (spatio-temporal) matching. Software components are all open-source and produced datasets are free to reuse.

The reconstitution of the evolution of Paris from 1789 to 1950 will be done by using two specific sets of sources: master maps (datasets mainly from the BnF (French National Libray)) and the complete series of cadastral maps which describe the evolution of road networks and urban fabric and, for the same time period, street & trade directories, which provide the socio-professional activities aor status of people localized by their addresses.

This talk will show how partners (French National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN), EHESS, National Archives and EPITA ) will build the final product of the SoDUCo project consisting in the first unified, distributed, reusable and interoperable platform to handle geo-historical sources. We will also show how we animate this cross-domain project.