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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

Interactive GeoPlatform for Public Administrations

Andrea Pogliaghi and E. Cattaneo

The new Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Veneto Region (IDT-RV 2.0) has been completely redesigned to move from the older structure, based on commercial products, to state of the art FOSS4G software, providing methods to simplify data publication.
Operational innovations introduced by the new infrastructure include:
• Provision of tools for the interactive creation of WebGIS sites, without any code development, to be quickly shared on demand;
• Complete management of the data lifecycle and related metadata, from acquisition to production, atomically monitored through a step-by-step workflow;
• Creation of metadata through an interactive web editor, according to the defined normative rules, capable of supporting the user from the input of the values through template, to the final validation.
Particular focus will be put on critical issues and challenges that where solved.