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Playlist "MapML: The (new) "map" HTML element, now in MapServer, GDAL and OGR"

MapML: The (new) "map" HTML element, now in MapServer, GDAL and OGR

Daniel Morissette and Peter Rushforth

The W3C Maps for HTML Community Group is working to define a (new) "map" HTML element that would be used to define map contents in a web page and would be directly supported and rendered by web browsers in a standardized way. All this is done by building on existing standards such as WMS, WFS and Tile Services. In addition to standardizing the encoding and access to map elements in web browsers, this encoding also aims to make the map contents more easily discoverable and indexable by search bots on the Web.

This talk will start with an overview of the MapML draft specification, and then discuss the recent implementation of MapML in MapServer, GDAL and OGR. The goal of this initial implementation is to get MapML used in real life scenarios and to gather feedback from the community on the draft specification. Please come and join the discussion!