Breaking the curse of raster processing software-as-a-service

Iván Sánchez Ortega

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The emergence of software-as-a-service platforms for geoprocessing of large raster datasets provides a tempting and fast way to try new raster algorithms or indicators. As with any other SaaS platform, the downside is the inability to run the same process in our own computers; be it because of recklessness during systems design or because of a will and purpose to create vendor lock-in.

This talk will analyze such a case of vendor lock-in in raster geoprocessing SaaS, and a means of running the same raster processes efficiently in the end-user's (or operator's) hardware (so-called "edge computing" for the buzzword-inclined). Moving away from SaaS in this case even provides extra benefits, such as better data cacheability and real-time algorithm tweaking.