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Playlist "FOSS4G 2019"

gFlowiz, an open science framework to analyze and geovisualize networks and flow datasets

Nicolas Roelandt

Geographic flow visualization (gFlowiz) is an interdisciplinary project dedicated to flows and networks in the geoweb.
It is led by a team of French researchers and engineers in Geography, Cartography and Computer Science from both IFSTTAR and CNRS.

gFlowiz follows the new paradigm of « visualization mapping » (MacEachren, 2004) not present in current geoweb applications.
All types of flows, movements and traffic in a geographical space, at several scales, are involved (migrations, freight, transportation, etc).
Required semiological, aesthetical and design elements offered by currently web-based graphic visualization libraries are also considered.
Its main goal is to build a simple application combining two pillars of scientific graphical representation: flow data processing and (geo)graphical modalities visualization.
A state of the art on current issues of flows and movement analysis on the geoweb has been produced through the compilation of around 70 applications in a thematic dashboard, and a 200 respondants survey on flow map usages and needs has been realized.

This presentation will follow 3 axes: open source applications in the curated corpus, an analysis of the survey and a current development status of the application