SimpleX Chat - Simple Messaging With Unusually Good Privacy

Peter Stuge

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This is a spontaneous talk about the relatively new (mobile apps released 2022) open source SimpleX Chat instant messenger protocol and software, and some reasons why it's a far better choice than in particular Matrix.

Well-functioning mobile apps are available for Android (F-Droid and Play store) as well as for iOS, and the CLI reference implementation written in Haskell runs on at least Linux, macOS and Windows.

Unlike existing messengers both protocol and server functionality are simple, bringing significant privacy benefits. Privacy is a primary design goal in the project. And although the server does very little it's also possible to run your own server, allowing even more control of our communication.

I want to talk about SimpleX features, how the protocol works and hopefully get more people excited about both using and developing it.

Because very spontaneous we might also go through the actual protocol specification, which is short and readable, to understand how the thing actually works.