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Playlist "All Systems Go! 2023"

Trusted, Confidential and Cloud Native Workloads. An intro to the Confidential Containers project

Magnus Kulke

The talk wants to provide a brief introduction into Confidential Containers Project. We'll discuss the rationale behind Confidential Computing and how concepts like Trusted Computing or Remote Attestation can be leveraged by end-users to guard their workloads not only from malicious actors but also their cloud service provider. Confidential Containers, an open-source CNCF project, aims to extend the experience of deploying cloud-native software on Kubernetes with the option to move sensitive workloads into confidential enclaves with minimal friction to the user experience. We'll introduce the components and container technologies we are using to achieve that, hint at some conceptual problems we are facing and provide a simple example of how confidential containers work in practice today.