Exploring RAUC: A Flexible Building Block for Image-Based Updates

Rouven Czerwinski

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Recently, atomic updates via image based systems have become more relevant for
servers and desktops, as they allow predictable management of large fleets. In the
embedded Linux space, this approach has been the default for many years and
proven updaters exist already.

In this talk, we will delve into RAUC and look at how its design and features
have been driven by the requirements for robust, atomic updates.
The presentation will introduce the fundamental concepts surrounding A/B fallback
and update signing in the context of embedded Linux updates.
We will then explore the commonalities and differences between RAUC and systemd's

The discussion will progress to cover RAUC's bundle-based update system, which
allows for comprehensive system updates without the need for local storage,
thanks to HTTP streaming. Additionally, we will demonstrate how adaptive updates
minimize download sizes without necessitating version-specific patch management.