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Grazer Linuxtage 2018

Playlist "Grazer Linuxtage 2018"

Code Review

Kevin Krammer

Code review, the process of one software developer looking through code of another, is a widely recommended technique for improving code quality and keeping it at high level during development and maintenance of a product.

It is widely used in collaborative development situations such as Free and Open Source communities, but strangely often absent in company settings.

The talk will look at concepts, clear misunderstandings and offer reasons on why it is an underestimated tool for high quality software engineering.

Code review is often considered something that is more theory than practice, consuming time and resources without proportional gain.

Teams, especially in a work context, are sometimes opposed to based on misconceptions around its effectiveness and impact on the team or climate.

The talk therefore also looks at specific examples on successful usage of code review in collaborative development environments.