Buildroot : Using embedded tools to build container images

Jérémy Rosen

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The embedded world has dealt with image creation for decades.
Why not use those decade of experience to reliably create image for the datacenter world ?

Building an OS image in a reliable, reproducible, tracable and archivable way is a hard problem, but it is a problem that the embedded world has been working on for decades and where mature and easy to use tools exist

Nowdays, the world of containers is rediscovering these problems and most tools do not provide the level of tracability and reliability needed to be able to properly track the content of an image in every detail and be confident that it is possible to report what changes are local and what licenses are used.

Buildroot is one of the tools the embedded world provides to solve that problem. It is robust, mature, deadly simple to use and can really help getting back the control on container images.