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Playlist "OpenDOC: Automating Documentation"

OpenDOC: Automating Documentation

Markus Feilner

A suggestion for a new approach to documenation. "Breaking the perception that a rolling release cannot be documented"
Forums, mailing lists, wikis, release notes, Git commit comments, QA tools like Open QA and many more: A vast abundance of resources offer indicators for documentation. However the data is neither collected nor structured nor viewed at all, mostly because everybody thinks it's a tedious work. But modern knowledge management tools can collect the data, structure it, add semantic analysis and put it into a format that a community can benefit from - with minimal human input. Imagine a website like Stackoverflow or Reddit, but (open source and company-independent) with automated input, but ranked by interest (views), helpfulness and discussion thread length. The input triggers could become an open project, like Open QA's tests.
A "Doc Gardener" could then pick up the most important tasks and move them to openSUSE wiki or Enterprise Documentation, at the same time helping the community and spotting pain points of the community.