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Playlist "openSUSE Conference 2016"

An Embedded USB Cloud Storage Gateway with Tumbleweed

David Disseldorp

Scale-out block storage offerings, such as Ceph RADOS Block Devices, offer a number of desirable features including fault tolerance, thin-provisioning, online resize and snapshots.
Exposing such storage for access via an embedded USB storage gadget can solve a number of factors limiting adoption, namely:
- Interoperability
+ Cloud storage can now be consumed by almost any system with a USB port
- Ease of use
+ Configure once, then plug and play anywhere
- Security
+ Encryption can be performed on the USB device itself, reducing reliance on cloud storage providers

This presentation will introduce and demonstrate a USB cloud storage gateway prototype developed during SUSE Hack Week, running on an ARM board with openSUSE Tumbleweed.