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Playlist "OBS and the real cool stuff"

OBS and the real cool stuff

Michael Kromer

OBS (Open Build Service) is an awesome piece of software which is yet unmatched by other available software suites. This talk shows how Kopano approached the change in their build system, and how they integrated fully fledged build requirements into OBS. From adding real custom distributions such as Collax (just using DEB, without bootstrapping at all) to integrating with Atlassian Stash - All this is possible with OBS and much more. How did we make OBS accessible for Windows users (using osc), how did we make sure we can make a sane structure based on build-time requirements for packages and not just include everything for distribution in the end? Where can I use curl requests, and how are they structured. And did you know there are authentication tokens? This talk delivers the answers to these questions. This talk will include a QA session in the end with the chance to give an answer on many (unfortunately also undocumented) features.