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Playlist "Smart Contracts on Ethereum (Workshop)"

Smart Contracts on Ethereum (Workshop)

Christian Reitwiessner

Learn how to use the actually interesting parts of blockchains instead of just staring at price charts: Programming a decentralised, manipulation-resistant world-wide singleton computer open to everyone.

The current hype about blockchains and cryprocurrencies is mostly focused on trading and investment. We would like to take a look below the surface and highlight the many useful things you can do with a decentralised manipulation-resistant database that features stored procedures and can be used by anyone. We will write smart contracts, deploy and use them on the testnet. Knowing a programming language like C/C++/Java is helpful but not required. If time permits, we might also touch on the subject how to remove the resource-intensive mining procedure.

IMPORTANT: To save some time, please install the "Metamask" browser extension prior to the workshop:

We will follow the instructions at