Local Change, Global Impact: Transforming International Development through Local Empowerment


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We're tackling a key issue in international development cooperation by empowering local change agents with direct funding and a platform to share their data and stories. Our mobile-first solution will combine e-payment and information sharing, addressing an industry-wide challenge.

We present an approach to address a fundamental challenge of international development cooperation. Currently, the sector is deeply shaped by a hierarchical North-South structure that influences not only funding flows, but also priorities, methods, tools, and concerns.
We want to change this by empowering local change agents. How do we do this? By directing funding flows directly to these individuals, and empowering them to share key data and their own stories - not those created by donors.
Our technical solution: a mobile-first solution that combines an e-payment system with information tracks to share relevant information - both data and (micro) stories.
This approach has immense potential because it addresses an industry-wide challenge.