Pornography feels better without tech-giants!

Alessandro Polidoro

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Online pornography is stuck between the overpower of tech-giants and the moral panic of ultra-reactionary groups. **There must be a better way!**
Join us and learn how a coalition of digital rights organizations, gender-based violence survivors, sex workers and sex-tech builders joined forces to campaign for better regulation of online pornography under Digital Services Act (DSA). Meanwhile, a litigation in Cyprus and Italy targeted a porn giant for violations of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will present the achievements of our campaign to reshape the sector of online pornography and why this is so important for a better cyberspace for all. The adult entertainment industry was valued at nearly €45 billion in 2022, while major porn platforms today rank among the most visited websites in the world. This is truly a multi-stakeholder landscape and, through a continuous collective work, we have identified many core issues to be addressed. The fight against gender-based violence, the destigmatization of sex work, the accountability of big tech, the empowerment of CSOs and much more are all crucial aspects of our initiatives. We are confident that with a truly holistic approach we will be able to foster positive change. As we expect substantial transformation of the online porn industry in the near future, this is the right time to push together for inclusivity, decentralization and transparency in this field. Collaboration and community, as opposed to secrecy and competition, are the way to go!