Bird Clock Opera/ w text from Days Of The Week

Prism Obsidian

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The texts for this piece were originally written as part of a revision of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter; a revision which broadens the picture of Black women who are descendant of colonial enslavement. A dialogue based on the contrast of Artemis’ power and agency over her body compared to women who have been unsafe for generations.
Women who carry these wounds as warnings and a call out for accountability. The underlying track called ‚Xercathalon’s Debut: A Bird Clock Opera, is a piece based on the sounds of childhood as remembered and incorporated into this collaborative soundscape.

The question works such as these answer is a soft approach towards understanding the people that 37C3 wants to become more diverse towards. Diversity, equity and inclusion are more than catchy phrases. They don't happen overnight, but through art and literature there are greater options for briding understanding.

Prism Obsidian Duo

Obsidian is a visual artist and researcher in postcolonial theology, culture and education. She is taking a Black Quantum Afrofuturist approach towards tackling issues of racism, cultural appropriation, intersectionality and sustainable urban regeneration by drawing on an image of global Black cultures.

Prism is a musician and visual artist specialising in rainbowgoth sound design and crafting analog double exposure captures. She is based in Berlin and responds to the inspiration of memory, saturation, and the dreamworld.