Unlocked: PICing a wireless door access system


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Mainframe, Oldenburg's Hackerspace, needed a wireless door lock solution. We do not trust vendors advertising promises about the device security and had a closer look.

Attend this talk for a presentation about an unusual variant of lock picking, which does not involve any wrenches, hooks or half-diamond picks. Instead the used tools are a software defined radio, PIC programmer and some self-developed software to gain access without using the original key remote control.

If you had fun watching the [Hörmann BiSecur talk at 34C3](https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9029-uncovering_vulnerabilities_in_hoermann_bisecur), this talk is for you! If you haven't watched it, it is highly recommended to catch up on it before attending this talk. While it is about a different product from a different vendor, there are many parallels and it can be seen as a sequel talk.

The plan for this talk is to first have a look at the radio signals from the door lock using a SDR. After making sense of the used message protocol, the hardware is analyzed to understand how it works and how to get access to the used micro-controllers (PIC18LF45K80 & PIC16LF1829). In the next step, the firmware from the read-protected PIC microcontroller is extracted by extending the existing PIC attacks. Last but not least the results will be demonstrated.


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