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Playlist "36C3: Resource Exhaustion"

Buying Snacks via NFC with GNU Taler

Dominik Hofer

##### Motivation
In the digital age the privacy has become an important matter. But with
the current digital payment methods the privacy of the user is not
guaranteed. To avoid the data sharing, the Taler team implemented a
digital form of cash.

##### Project
To demonstrate the payment system we developed an interface for a snack
machine based on GNU Taler. This implementation allows the customer to
pay with a smartphone app via NFC or QR-Code.

##### Team
The project was realized by Taler in cooperation with two students from
Bern University of Applied Sciences.

In the talk the audience will become a little insight into the GNU Taler Project and the aim of the developed Snack Machine Interface. The approach to develop an interface between the Taler Backend and the snack machine will be explained as well as the challenges which come with such a project. Further the implemented hard- and software stacks are presented.