A dozen more things you didn't know Nextcloud could do

Jos Poortvliet

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With Nextcloud you can sync, share and collaborate on data, but you don't need to put your photos, calendars or chat logs on an American server. Nope, Nextcloud is self-hosted and 100% open source! Thanks to hundreds of apps, Nextcloud can do a lot and in this talk, I will highlight some cool things.

Consider this a follow-up from my talk about 200 things Nextcloud can do last year! An update on what's new and some cool new stuff. What, what is `Nextcloud`? Let's see. A private cloud is one way to put it, though that's a contradiction of course. It is a way to share your data, sync your files, communicate and collaborate with others - without giving your data to GAFAM! Keep it on your own server, or something close (like a local hosting provider or data center). Nextcloud is a PHP app that does all that, and more! Easy to use, secure (really) and fully open source of course.