The Urban Organism

Hacking [in] Hong Kong


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This talk will engage the practises and protocols of hacking in the context of Hong Kong, drawing parallels from the stigmergic responses of the city (consensus network organisation) and the peer-production (or attempt) of the hackerspace, Dim Sum Labs.

Perspectives on this will also draw from the publication, The Field Guide to Hacking (_TFGTH), a collection of (project and essay) snapshots generated from the hackerspace and its surrounding community.

Part I: Culture + Society: Idiosyncrasies of the Metropolis
I.i Political and economic structures from outside (the space) to the inside (the space).
I.ii Cultural identities from the outside to the inside
I.iii The resulting pastiche

Part II: Dim Sum Labs and _TFGTH: Hong Kong's First and Only Hackerspace
II.i Brief introduction to our space and activities
II.ii Introduction of the book (_TFGTH)
II.iii A few excerpts within
II.iv Demonstration of the interactive cover of the book

Part III: Peer Production: Collaborative Scenarios
III.i Meritocracy vs Democracy
III.ii How this applies in the space/
III.iii How this applied to the project (_TFGTH)
III.iv How this applies to the city
III.v Parallels between hacking and urbanism


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