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Introduction to Deep Learning


This talk will teach you the fundamentals of machine learning and give you a sneak peek into the internals of the mystical black box. You'll see how crazy powerful neural networks can be and understand why they sometimes fail horribly.

Computers that are able to learn on their own. It might have sounded like science-fiction just a decade ago, but we're getting closer and closer with recent advancements in Deep Learning. Or are we?

In this talk, I'll explain the fundamentals of machine-learning in an understandable and entertaining way. I'll also introduce the basic concepts of deep learning. With the current hype of deep learning and giant tech companies spending billions on research, understanding how those methods works, knowing the challenges and limitations is key to seeing the facts behind the often exaggerated headlines.

One of the most common applications of deep learning is the interpretation of images, a field that has been transformed significantly in recent years. Applying neural networks to image data helps visualising and understanding many of the faults as well as advantages of machine learning in general. As a research scientist in the field of automated analysis of bio-medical image data, I can give you some insights into these as well as some real-world applications.