Keys of Fury

Type In Beyond the Scrolling Horizon

raquel meyers

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Keys Of Fury is a brutalist storytelling about technology and keystrokes where text is used unadorned and roughcast, like concrete. I define my practice as KYBDslöjd (drawing by Type In) who uses the Commodore 64 computer, Teletext technologies and Typewriter. Brutalism has an unfortunate reputation of evoking a raw dystopia and KYBDslöjd evokes an “object of nostalgia”. But nostalgic‬, ‪retro‬, obsolete or ‪limited‬ are rhetoric qualities earn by constant repetition. We live in a time where hardware and software become obsolete before most of the users have learned how to use them or disappear into pure functionality. The obedience to standards who made us passive observers and consumers.


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