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Playlist "The movements against state-controlled Internet in Turkey"

The movements against state-controlled Internet in Turkey

Barış and seda

We are members of Alternatif Bilişim Derneği (Alternative Informatics Association)**, one of many organizations that oppose the ongoing efforts for state-controlled Internet in Turkey. We see that the problems with media control in Turkey and in Europe are increasingly becoming part of a global problem. The governments are working on their own view of a 'secure' Internet, and we have to articulate and suggest an alternative.

In our talk we want to give an account of our anti-censorship movement and the challenges we face in Turkey. We will first provide an overview of the political events; sanctions, censorship regulations and attempts of resistance in the country. Then, we will point out the main problems we face in making use of laws and technology against state control. We would also like to use our presentation as an opportunity to meet people at the CCC with similar affinities and to learn from their experience. We see a great need to create global networks and communities to articulate an alternative message; the Internet as the peoples’ media.