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Playlist "The creep in your pocket"

The creep in your pocket

Ahmad Abolhadid

Mobile spyware/stalkerware services offer common users to spy on mobile devices of people close to them, such as their children or spouses. This talk presents different types of these services and touches their social impact.

The talk focuses on android and iOS spyware that do not require rooting or jailbreaking the victim's device. During the talk I will also show how Android spyware apps misuse Android OS features to spy on
victims and hide themselves on their devices. Additionally, I will discuss the legal side of these services, as well as their social impact, such as domestic violence.

Moreover, I will present several data breaches of these services. After giving recommendations on how to detect such services and protect against them, I will display a python tool I made, which queries the installed apps on an Android device and gives recommendations on whether they might be malicious.