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Playlist "Moving Beyond Infrastructure as Code"

Moving Beyond Infrastructure as Code

Thomas S Hatch

The data center is getting bigger and more complex, and the microservice revolution is creating even more moving parts with application stacks that may contain hundreds and thousands of containers and services. How do we move beyond the old patterns of configuration management and infrastructure as code to what's required to survive in a world of distributed systems? If application developers can write event-driven programs to listen and react to stimulus, why can't operators do the same for infrastructure?

In this keynote Thomas Hatch, SaltStack technical founder and CTO, will discuss how to control modern data center complexity, and turn it to a competitive advantage, using SaltStack and SUSE technologies. Thomas will provide insight into the SaltStack model for event-driven infrastructure and the emerging framework for intelligent, responsive application stack management. Modern data center commodities have never been so ​diverse. From bare-metal to containers, Kubernetes to web servers, SaltStack and SUSE have solutions to bring order and peace of mind to a complex new world.