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Playlist "openSUSE Conference 2017"

From source to package

Michael Hofer

During this talk we'll show a complete CI/CT pipeline and how we automated the
following tasks:

* Render and publish RST / sphinx based documentation
* Build and publish packages (deb + rpm) on a public repository (incl. signing)
* Advanced testing of JS-based applications with Firefox and PhantomJS

The idea is to automate the whole pipeline starting simple with application
testing and finally deploying it or building and publishing the appropriate
packages and documentations.

Only OSS is used and will be presented during the talk. The process is
automated with GitLab, GitLab-CI, Docker, Vagrant and several smaller projects
we have or will publish on GitHub:

* pyaptly (
* pkgbuild-bot (
* docbuild-bot (

We are sure that this fully automated approach for different uses cases brings
a new angle into the CI/CT space. Properly packaging software (incl. signing)
is still not that easy and many tend to work around it. Attendees will get new
ideas how to fully automate the process of transforming source code to a
ready-to-use package and not only parts of it.