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Playlist "Virtual Networking in the NFVi"

Virtual Networking in the NFVi

Marco Varlese

NFV is a complex world made of hardware technologies and software stacks. A key component is the NFV infrastructure which provides the environment on which the Virtual Networking Functions run. The ecosystem of software/hardware for the NFVI is growing day-by-day making end-users life very difficult: Which platform to buy? Which stack to deploy? Which Virtual Networking solution should be adopted? Answering all these questions is far from being an easy task. In this presentation, we will provide you with the current state of the art of the vSwitch ecosystem (i.e. Open vSwitch, VPP), discuss different approaches around common use cases, deployment and integration challenges (i.e. SDN controller and orchestration integration) and what questions you shall ask yourself before picking your final networking software stack.
This presentation will help developers and end-users who are getting closer to the NFV world to familiarize themselves with the existing NFV technologies and, potentially, help them chose what to focus on based on our perspective.
Attendees can expect a detailed update on the current open-source vSwitch portfolio, new trends and on-going discussions within the open-source community.